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  1. 1feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm excited (about something) The kids were excited about opening their gifts. excited (at something) I'm really excited at the prospect of working abroad. excited (by something) Don't get too excited by the sight of your name in print. excited (to do something) He was very excited to be asked to play for the team. The new restaurant is nothing to get excited about (= not particularly good). An excited crowd of people gathered around her.
  2. 2nervous or upset and unable to relax Some horses become excited when they're in traffic.
  3. 3feeling sexual desire
adverb She waved excitedly as the car approached.
Thesaurusexcitedecstatic elated euphoric rapturous exhilaratedThese words all describe feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm.excited feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm:The kids were excited about their vacation plans.ecstatic very happy, excited, and enthusiastic; showing this enthusiasm:Sally was ecstatic about her new job.elated happy and excited because of something good that has happened or will happen:I was elated to learn of their engagement.euphoric very happy and excited, but usually only for a short time:I was euphoric after hearing the news.rapturous expressing extreme pleasure or enthusiasm:He was greeted with rapturous applause.exhilarated happy and excited, especially after physical activity:I felt exhilarated after a morning of skiing.Patterns to be/feel excited/elated/euphoric/exhilarated to be excited/ecstatic/elated/euphoric at something to be excited/ecstatic/elated about something to be excited/elated/exhilarated by something to be ecstatic/elated/exhilarated with something
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