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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they execute
    he / she / it executes
    past simple executed
    -ing form executing
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  1. 1[usually passive] execute somebody (for something) to kill someone, especially as a legal punishment He was executed for treason. The prisoners were executed by firing squad.
  2. 2execute something (formal) to do a piece of work, perform a duty, put a plan into action, etc. They drew up and executed a plan to reduce fuel consumption. The crime was very cleverly executed. Check that the computer has executed your commands.
  3. 3execute something (formal) to successfully perform a skillful action or movement The pilot executed a perfect landing.
  4. 4execute something (formal) to make or produce a work of art Picasso also executed several landscapes at Horta de San Juan.
  5. 5execute something (law) to follow the instructions in a legal document; to make a document legally valid His will was executed by his lawyers in 2008.
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