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  1. 1[countable] a collection of things, for example works of art, that are shown to the public synonym exhibit Have you seen the Picasso exhibition? an exhibition of old photographs Topic CollocationsFine Artscreating art make a work of art/a drawing/a sketch/a sculpture/a statue/an engraving/an etching/a print do an oil painting/a self-portrait/a line drawing/a rough sketch create a work of art/an artwork/paintings and sculptures produce paintings/portraits/oil sketches/his most celebrated work/a series of prints paint a picture/a landscape/a portrait/a mural/in oils/in watercolors/on canvas draw a picture/a portrait/a cartoon/a sketch/a line/a figure/the human form/in charcoal/in ink sketch a preliminary drawing/a figure/a shape/an outline carve a figure/an image/a sculpture/an altarpiece/reliefs/a block of wood sculpt a (portrait) bust/a statue/an abstract figure etch a line/pattern/design/name into the glass mix colors/pigments/paints add/apply thin/thick layers of paint/color/pigment use oil pastels/charcoal/acrylic paint/a can of spray paint work in bronze/ceramics/stone/oils/pastels/watercolors/a wide variety of mediadescribing art paint/depict a female figure/a biblical scene/a pastoral landscape/a domestic interior have/express/depict/illustrate a traditional/mythological/historical/religious theme create an abstract composition/a richly textured surface/a distorted perspective paint dark/rich/flesh tones use broad brush strokes/loose brushwork/vibrant colors/a limited palette/simple geometric forms develop/adopt/paint in a stylized manner/an abstract styleshowing and selling art commission an altarpiece/a bronze bust of somebody/a portrait/a religious work/an artist to paint something frame a painting/a portrait/a piece/an artwork hang art/a picture/a painting/a piece/an artwork display/exhibit modern art/somebody's work/a collection/original artwork/ drawings/sculptures/a piece be displayed/hung in a gallery/museum install/place a sculpture in/at/on something erect/unveil/dedicate a bronze/marble statue hold/host/mount/open/curate/see an exhibition/exhibit be/go on exhibit feature/promote/showcase contemporary works/a conceptual artist collect African art/modern American paintings/Japanese prints restore/preserve great works of art/a fresco
  2. 2(Canadian English) [countable] a large regional fair, where you can ride on machines, look at farm animals, buy products people have made, etc.
  3. 3[uncountable] exhibition of something the act of showing something, for example works of art, to the public She refused to allow the exhibition of her husband's work.
  4. 4[singular] an exhibition of something the act of showing a skill, a feeling, or a kind of behavior We were treated to an exhibition of the athlete's speed and skill. an appalling exhibition of cruelty
  5. Idioms
    make an exhibition of yourself (disapproving)
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    to behave in a bad or stupid way in public Unfortunately, Frank got drunk and made an exhibition of himself.
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