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    , NAmE//ˈɛksət//
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they exit
    he / she / it exits
    past simple exited
    -ing form exiting
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  1. 1[intransitive, transitive] (formal) to go out; to leave a building, stage, vehicle, etc. (+ adv./prep.) The bullet entered her back and exited through her chest. We exited via a fire door. exit something As the actors exited the stage the lights went on.
  2. 2[intransitive, transitive] to finish using a computer program exit (from something) To exit from this page, press the return key. exit something I exited the database and turned off the computer.
  3. 3[intransitive] exit… used in the instructions printed in a play to say that an actor must leave the stage Exit Macbeth compare exeunt
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