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    [singular, uncountable]
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  1. 1how large, important, serious, etc. something is It is difficult to assess the full extent of the damage. She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem. I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.
  2. 2the physical size of an area You can't see the full extent of the beach from here.
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    to… extent
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    used to show how far something is true or how great an effect it has To a certain extent, we are all responsible for this tragic situation. He had changed to such an extent (= so much) that I no longer recognized him. To some extent, what she argues is true. The pollution of the forest has seriously affected plant life and,to a lesser extent, wildlife. To what extent is this true of all schools? The book discusses the extent to which (= how much) family life has changed over the past 50 years. Language Bankgenerallyways of saying “in general” Women generally earn less than men. Generally speaking, jobs traditionally done by women are paid at a lower rate than those traditionally done by men. In general/By and large, women do not earn as much as men. Certain jobs, like nursing and cleaning, are still mainly carried out by women. Senior management posts are held predominantly by men. Most senior management posts tend to be held by men. Women are, for the most part, still paid less than men. Economic and social factors are, to a large extent, responsible for women being concentrated in low-paid jobs.
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