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  1. 1(informal) extremely good a fabulous performance Jane is a fabulous cook. The food looks fabulous. Thesaurusgreatcool fantastic fabulous terrific awesomeThese are all informal words that describe someone or something that is very good, pleasant, enjoyable, etc.great (informal) very good; giving a lot of pleasure:We had a great time in (informal) used to show that you admire or approve of something, often because it is fashionable, attractive, or different:I think their new song's really cool.fantastic (informal) extremely good; giving a lot of pleasure:I had a fantastic vacation in Mexico.fabulous (informal) extremely good:Jane's a fabulous cook.(Fabulous is slightly more old-fashioned than the other words in this set.)terrific (informal) extremely good; wonderful:She's doing a terrific job.awesome (informal) very good, impressive, or enjoyable:The show was just awesome.Patterns to have a(n) great/fantastic/fabulous/terrific/awesome time to look/sound great/cool/fantastic/fabulous/terrific/awesome really great/cool/fantastic/fabulous/terrific/awesome absolutely great/fantastic/fabulous/terrific/awesome
  2. 2(formal) very great fabulous wealth/riches/beauty
  3. 3[only before noun] (literary) appearing in fables fabulous beasts
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