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  1. 1  [countable] the season of the year between summer and winter, when leaves change color and the weather becomes colder synonym autumn She starts college in the fall of 2012. in early/late fall fall colors/leaves/air We spent a crisp fall day raking leaves.
  2. act of falling
  3. 2[countable] an act of falling I had a bad fall and broke my arm. She was injured in a fall from a horse.
  4. decrease
  5. 3[countable] fall (in something) a decrease in size, number, rate, or level a steep fall in profits a big fall in unemployment opposite rise
  6. way something falls/happens
  7. 4[singular] fall of something the way in which something falls or happens the fall of the dice the dark fall of her hair (= the way her hair hangs down)
  8. of water
  9. 5falls [plural] (especially in names) a large amount of water falling down from a height synonym waterfall The falls upstream are full of salmon. Niagara Falls
  10. defeat
  11. 6[singular] fall (of something) a loss of political, economic, etc. power or success; the loss or defeat of a city, country, etc. in war the fall of the Roman Empire the rise and fall of the American automobile industry the fall of Atlanta to Union troops
  12. loss of respect
  13. 7[singular] a situation in which a person, an organization, etc. loses the respect of other people because they have done something wrong the governor's spectacular fall from grace
  14. in Bible
  15. 8the Fall [singular] the occasion when Adam and Eve did not obey God and had to leave the Garden of Eden
  16. Language Bankfalldescribing a decrease Car crime in Greenville fell significantly last year. Car crime fell by about a quarter over a 12-month period. The number of stolen vehicles dropped from 1,013 to 780, a fall of 26 percent. According to these data, 780 vehicles were stolen, down 26% from the previous year. The city saw an 11%drop in reported thefts from motor vehicles from 1,871 to 1,737. These figures show that, as far as car crime is concerned, the main trend is downward.Idioms
    be riding for a fall
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    to be doing something that involves risks and that may end in disaster
    break somebody's fall
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    to stop someone from falling onto something hard Luckily, a bush broke his fall.
    pride comes/goes before a fall (saying)
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    if you have too high an opinion of yourself or your abilities, something will happen to make you look stupid
    take the fall (for somebody/something) (informal)
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    to accept responsibility or punishment for something that you did not do, or did not do alone He took the fall for his boss and resigned. Who will take the fall for the scandal? Someone has to take the fall.
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