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    (favour) verb
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they favor ()favour he / she / it favors ()favours past simple favored ()favoured -ing form favoring ()favouring
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  1. 1favor something favor (somebody) doing something to prefer one system, plan, way of doing something, etc. to another Many countries favor a presidential system of government. It's a resort favored by families with young children.
  2. treat better
  3. 2favor somebody to treat someone better than you treat other people, especially in an unfair way The treaty seems to favor the U.S. My parents always favored my older brother.
  4. help
  5. 3favor something to provide suitable conditions for a particular person, group, etc. The warm climate favors many types of tropical plants.
  6. look like parent
  7. 4favor somebody (old-fashioned) to look like one of your parents or older relations She definitely favors her father.