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  1. 1[countable, usually singular] the last part or the end of something a dramatic finish to the race It was a close finish, as they had predicted. They won in the end, but it was a tight finish. The story was a lie from start to finish. I want to see the job through to the finish. see also photo finish
  2. 2[countable, uncountable] the last covering of paint, polish, etc. that is put onto the surface of something; the condition of the surface to apply extra coats of finish a gloss/matte finish furniture available in a range of finishes
  3. 3[countable, uncountable] the final details that are added to something to make it complete The bows will give a feminine finish to the curtains.
  4. Idioms
    a fight to the finish
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    a sports competition, an election, etc. between sides that are so equal in ability that they continue fighting very hard until the end The contenders are bitter rivals in what will be a fight to the finish.
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