Definition of flatter verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 flatter someone to say nice things about someone, often in a way that is not sincere, because you want them to do something for you or you want to please themAre you trying to flatter me?2 flatter yourself (that…) to choose to believe something good about yourself and your abilities, especially when other people do not share this opinion“How will you manage without me?” “Don't flatter yourself.”3 flatter someone to make someone seem more attractive or better than they really areThat color doesn't flatter many people.The scorecard flattered him (= he did not deserve to get such a high score). flatterer

be/feel flattered

to be pleased because someone has made you feel important or special
He was flattered by her attention.I felt flattered at being asked to give a lecture.She was flattered to hear that he had been asking about her.I suppose we should be flattered that he agreed to come at flatteredfeel flattered