Definition of flight noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary




journey by air

1 [countable] a trip made by air, especially in a planea smooth/comfortable/bumpy flighta domestic/an international flighta hot-air balloon flightWe met on a flight from Las Vegas to Kansas City.All flights between New York and Washington have been canceled due to fog. see also in-flight


2 [countable] a plane making a particular journeyWe're on the same flight.Flight 4793 is now boarding at Gate 17.If we leave now, I can catch the earlier flight.mercy/relief flights (= planes taking help to countries where there is a war)


3 [uncountable] the act of flyingthe age of supersonic flightflight safetyThe bird is easily recognized in flight (= when it is flying) by the black band at the end of its tail.

movement of object

4 [uncountable] the movement or direction of an object as it travels through the airthe flight of a ball

of steps

5 [countable] a series of steps between two floors or levelsShe fell down a flight of stairs/steps and hurt her back.

running away

6 [uncountable, singular] the act of running away from a dangerous or difficult situationthe flight of refugees from the advancing forcesa flight from harsh realityThe main character is a journalist in flight from a failed marriage.

of fancy/imagination

7 [countable] flight of fancy/imagination an idea or a statement that shows a lot of imagination but is not practical or sensibleThis idea was one of my wilder flights of fancy.

group of birds/aircraft

8 [countable] a group of birds or aircraft flying togethera flight of geeseThey flew in two flights of three aircraft.

put someone to flight

(old-fashioned) to force someone to run awayThe enemy was quickly put to flight.put to flight

take flight

to run away
The gang took flight when they heard the police car.take flight
Usage noteUsage note: Travel and Tourismvacationshave/take a vacation/a break/a day off/a year off/time offgo on/be on vacation/leave/honeymoon/safari/sabbatical/a trip/a tour/a cruise/a pilgrimagego backpacking/camping/sightseeingplan a trip/a vacation/your itineraryreserve a hotel room/a flight/ticketshave/make/cancel a reservationrent a condo/a vacation home/a cabinrent a car/bicycle/moped/scooter/Jet Skistay in a hotel/a bed and breakfast/a youth hostel/a villa/a trailer/a vacation home/a resort/a timesharecost/charge $100 a/per night for a suite/a single/double/twin roomcheck into/out of a hotel/a motel/your roompack/unpack your suitcase/bagscall/order room servicecancel/cut short a trip/vacationforeign travelapply for/get/renew a/your passporttake out/buy/get travel insurancecatch/miss your plane/train/ferry/connecting flightfly (in)/travel (in) first/business/economy classmake/have a brief/two-day/twelve-hour layover/stopover in Hong Kongexperience/cause/lead to delayscheck (in)/collect/get/lose your baggage/luggagebe charged for/pay excess baggage feesboard/get on/leave/get off the aircraft/plane/ship/ferrytaxi down/leave/approach/hit/overshoot the runwayexperience/hit/encounter (mild/severe) turbulencesuffer from/recover from/get over your jet lag/motion sicknessbe seasick/carsickthe tourist industryattract/draw/bring tourists/visitorsencourage/promote/hurt tourismpromote/develop ecotourismbuild/develop/visit a tourist/tropical/beach/ski resortwork for/be operated by a major hotel chainbe served by/compete with low-fare/low-cost/budget airlinesuse/go to/have a travel agentcontact/check with your travel agent/tour operatorbuy/be on/go on a package deal/vacation/tourbuy/bring back (tacky/overpriced) souvenirs