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    [countable, usually singular, uncountable]
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    continuous movement
  1. 1flow (of something/somebody) the steady and continuous movement of something or someone in one direction She tried to stop the flow of blood from the wound. an endless flow of refugees into the country to improve traffic flow (= make it move faster) to control the direction of flow a steady flow of traffic through the city the flow of an electric current
  2. production/supply
  3. 2flow (of something) the continuous production or supply of something the flow of goods and services to remote areas to encourage the free flow of information data flow see also cash flow
  4. of speech/writing
  5. 3continuous talk by someone You interrupted my flow—I can't remember what I was saying.
  6. 4flow of something the way that words and ideas are linked together in speech or writing Too many examples can interrupt the smooth flow of the text. I found it hard to follow the flow of the argument.
  7. of the ocean
  8. 5the movement of the ocean toward the land the ebb and flow of the tide
  9. Idioms
    the ebb and flow (of something/somebody)
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    the repeated, often regular, movement from one state to another; the repeated change in level, numbers, or amount the ebb and flow of the seasons She sat in silence enjoying the ebb and flow of conversation. He had known her long enough to recognize the ebb and flow of her moods.
    go with the flow (informal)
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    to be relaxed and not worry about what you should do
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