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    , NAmE//flʊˈrɛsnt//
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  1. 1(of substances) producing bright light by using some forms of radiation a fluorescent lamp (= one that uses such a substance) fluorescent lighting
  2. 2(of a color, material, etc.) appearing very bright when light shines on it; that can be seen in the dark fluorescent armbands worn by cyclists compare phosphorescent Thesaurusbrightbrilliant vivid vibrantThese words all describe things that are shining or full of light or colors that are strong and easy to see.bright full of light; shining strongly; (of colors) strong and easy to see:a bright yellow dressbrilliant very bright:The sky was a brilliant blue.vivid (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:His eyes were a vivid green.vibrant (approving) (of colors) bright and strong:The room was decorated in vibrant blues and greens.vivid or vibrant?These two words are very similar, but vivid emphasizes how bright a color is, while vibrant suggests a more lively and exciting color or combination of colors.Patterns bright/brilliant/vivid/vibrant colors bright/brilliant light/sunlight/sunshine/eyes
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noun [uncountable]
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