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    the following…
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  1. 1next in time the following afternoon/month/year/week They arrived on Monday night and we got there the following day.
  2. 2that is/are going to be mentioned next Answer the following questions. Language Bankfirstordering your points This study has the following aims:first, to investigate how international students in America use humor;second, to examine how jokes can help to establish social relationships; and, third, to explore the role that humor plays in helping overseas students adjust to life in the U.S. Let us begin by identifying some of the popular joke genres in the U.S. Next, let us turn to/Next, let us consider the question of gender differences in the use of humor. Finally/Lastly, let us briefly examine the role of humor in defining a nation's culture.
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    a following wind
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    a wind blowing in the same direction as a ship or other vehicle that helps it move faster With a generous following wind, we sped across the lake.
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