Definition of fool noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 a person who you think behaves or speaks in a way that lacks intelligence or good judgment synonym idiotDon't be such a fool!I felt like a fool when I realized my mistake.He told me he was an actor and I was fool enough to believe him.2 (in the past) a man employed by a king or queen to entertain people by telling jokes, singing songs, etc. synonym jesterIDIOMS

act/play the fool

to behave in a stupid way in order to make people laugh, especially in a way that may also annoy them
Quit playing the fool and get to work!act the foolplay the fool

any fool can/could…

(informal) used to say that something is very easy to doAny fool could tell she was lying.any fool canany fool could

be no/nobody's fool

to be too intelligent or know too much about something to be tricked by other people
She's nobody's fool when it comes to dealing with difficult no foolbe nobody's fool

a fool and his money are soon parted

(saying) a person who is not sensible usually spends money too quickly or carelessly, or is cheated by othersa fool and his money are soon parted

fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)

(saying) people with little experience try to do the difficult or dangerous things that more experienced people would not consider doingfools rush infools rush in where angels fear to tread

make a fool of someone

to say or do something deliberately so that people will think that someone is stupid
Can't you see she's making a fool of you?I will not be made a fool of like this.make a fool of

make a fool of yourself

to do something stupid that makes other people think that you are a fool
I made a complete fool of myself in front of everyone!make a fool of yourself

(there's) no fool like an old fool

(saying) an older person who behaves in a stupid way is worse than a younger person who does the same thing, because experience should have taught him or her not to do itno fool like an old foolthere's no fool like an old fool

not suffer fools gladly

to have very little patience with people that you think are stupid
She was a forceful personality who didn't suffer fools gladly.not suffer fools gladly