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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they forge
    he / she / it forges
    past simple forged
    -ing form forging
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  1. 1[transitive] forge something to put a lot of effort into making something successful or strong so that it will last a move to forge new links between management and workers Strategic alliances are being forged with major European companies. She forged a new career in the music business. They forged a strong lead in the first half of the game.
  2. 2[transitive] forge something to make an illegal copy of something in order to cheat people to forge a passport/banknote/check He's getting good at forging his mother's signature. Topic CollocationsCrimecommitting a crime commit a crime/a murder/a violent assault/a brutal killing/an armed robbery/fraud/perjury be involved in terrorism/a suspected arson attack/human smuggling/human trafficking engage/participate in criminal activity/illegal practices/acts of mindless vandalism steal somebody's wallet/purse/watch/cell phone rob a bank/a person/a tourist break into/burglarize a house/a home/an apartment/an office hijack a plane/ship/bus smuggle drugs/weapons/arms/people/immigrants launder (drug) money (through something) forge documents/certificates/passports take/accept/pay somebody/offer (somebody) a bribe run a phishing scam/an e-mail scam/an Internet scamfighting crime combat/fight crime/terrorism/drug trafficking/corruption prevent/stop credit-card fraud/child abuse/software piracy deter/stop criminals/burglars/thieves/shoplifters/vandals reduce/tackle/crack down on gun/violent/street/property crime foil a bank robbery/a terrorist plot help/support/protect the victims of crimeinvestigating crime report a crime/a theft/a rape/an attack/an incident to the police witness a crime/an attack/a murder/an incident investigate a murder/a homicide/a burglary/a robbery/the alleged incident conduct/launch/pursue/open an investigation (into…) investigate/reopen a criminal/murder case examine/investigate/find fingerprints at the crime scene/the scene of crime collect/gather forensic evidence/physical evidence uncover/discover new evidence/a fraud/a scam/a plot/a conspiracy/political corruption/a cache of weapons describe/identify a suspect/the culprit/the perpetrator/the assailant/the attacker question/interrogate a suspect/witness solve/crack the case ⇨ more collocations at justice compare counterfeit
  3. 3[transitive] forge something (from something) to shape metal by heating it in a fire and hitting it with a hammer; to make an object in this way swords forged from steel
  4. 4[intransitive] + adv./prep. (formal) to move forward in a steady but powerful way He forged through the crowds to the front of the stage. She forged into the lead (= in a competition, race, etc.).
  5. Phrasal Verbsforge ahead (with something)
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