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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they fortify
    he / she / it fortifies
    past simple fortified
    -ing form fortifying
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  1. 1fortify something (against somebody/something) to make a place more able to resist attack, especially by building high walls a fortified town They fortified the area against attack.
  2. 2fortify somebody/yourself (against somebody/something) to make someone/yourself feel stronger, braver, etc. He fortified himself against the cold with a hot drink. Although fortified by her election success, the new governor remains cautious in her policies.
  3. 3to make a feeling or an attitude stronger The news merely fortified their determination.
  4. 4fortify something (with something) to increase the strength or quality of food or drink by adding something to it cereal fortified with extra vitamins
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