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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they forward
    he / she / it forwards
    past simple forwarded
    -ing form forwarding
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  1. 1to send or pass goods or information to someone forward something to somebody We will be forwarding our new catalog to you next week. forward somebody something We will be forwarding you our new catalog next week. forward something to forward a request/complaint/proposal
  2. 2to send a letter, etc. received at the address a person used to live at to their new address synonym send on forward something (to somebody) Could you forward any mail to us in New York? forward (something) I put “please forward” on the envelope.
  3. 3forward (somebody) something to send an e-mail that you have received on to someone else I'll forward you that e-mail about the sales conference.
  4. 4forward something (formal) to help to improve or develop something synonym further He saw the assignment as a way to forward his career. She uses various devices to forward the plot. They have done a great deal to forward the cause of world peace. see also fast-forward
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