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[usually singular]
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a long steady look at someone or something He met her gaze (= looked at her while she looked at him). She dropped her gaze (= stopped looking). In his last years, he lived almost entirely secluded from the public gaze (= away from public attention). Thesauruslookglance gaze stare glimpse glareThese are all words for an act of looking, when you turn your eyes in a particular direction.look an act of looking at someone or something:Here, take a look at this.glance a quick look:She stole a glance at her watch.gaze a long steady look at someone or something:He felt embarrassed under her steady gaze.stare a long look at someone or something, especially in a way that is unfriendly or that shows surprise:She gave the officer a blank stare and shrugged her shoulders.glimpse a look at someone or something for a very short time, when you do not see the person or thing completely:He caught a glimpse of her in the crowd.glare a long angry look at someone or something:She gave her questioner a hostile glare.Patterns a look/glance at somebody/something a penetrating/piercing look/glance/gaze/stare a long look/glance/stare a brief look/glance/glimpse to have/get/take a look/glance/glimpse to avoid somebody's glance/gaze/stare
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