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    (giddier, giddiest)
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  1. 1[not usually before noun] giddy (with something) so happy and excited that you cannot behave normally She was giddy with happiness.
  2. 2[not usually before noun] feeling that everything is moving and that you are going to fall synonym dizzy When I looked down from the top floor, I felt giddy.
  3. 3[usually before noun] making you feel as if you were about to fall The kids were pushing the merry-go-round at a giddy speed. (figurative) the giddy heights of success
  4. 4(old-fashioned) (of people) not serious synonym silly Isabel's giddy young sister
adverb She swayed giddily across the dance floor. His senses were swimming giddily out of control.
noun [uncountable] teenage giddiness
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