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  1. 1[countable] an object shaped like a ball with a map of the world on its surface, usually on a stand so that it can be turned
  2. 2the globe [singular] the world (used especially to emphasize its size) tourists from every corner of the globe
  3. 3[countable] a thing shaped like a ball
  4. AWL Collocationsglobethe globe nounaround, across, throughout, all overIn this study, archaeological accounts from around the globe provide rich and varied examples on which to adjectiveeconomy, market, marketplace climate capitalism scale, reachAn emerging global economy heralded social and cultural changes.globally adjectivereverberate compete expand circulate source somethingThe United States remains an attractive place for manufacturing companies to operate, and a base from which they can compete globally.competitive dispersed, distributed recognized orientedThe algae are globally distributed, with greatest densities occurring in the Caribbean Sea.globalization nounengender something entail somethingGlobalization has entailed the closer economic integration of the countries of the world.economic, free-market, market corporate cultural politicalIn this article, I focus specifically on economic globalization.
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