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  1. 1things that are produced to be sold cheap/expensive goods leather/cotton/paper goods electrical/sports goods perishable/durable goods increased tax on goods and services see also consumer goods Thesaurusproductgoods commodity merchandise produceThese are all words for things that are produced to be sold.product a thing that is produced or grown, usually to be sold:to create/develop/launch a new productgoods things that are produced to be sold:cotton/leather goods electrical/sporting goodscommodity (economics) a product or raw material that can be bought and sold, especially between countries:rice, flour, and other basic commoditiesmerchandise goods that are bought or sold; things that you can buy that are connected with or that advertise a particular event or organization:official Olympic merchandisegoods or merchandise?Choose goods if the emphasis is on what the product is made of or what it is for:leather/household goods. Choose merchandise if the emphasis is less on the product itself and more on its brand or the fact of buying/selling it.produce things that have been grown or made, especially things connected with farming:We sell only fresh local produce.Patterns consumer/industrial products/goods/commodities household products/goods farm products/produce luxury products/goods/commodities to sell/market a product/goods/a commodity/merchandise/produce to export a product/goods/a commodity/merchandise to buy/purchase a product/goods/a commodity/merchandise/produce
  2. 2possessions that can be moved stolen goods The plastic bag contained all his worldly goods (= everything he owned). Thesaurusthingsstuff property possessions junk belongings goods valuablesThese are all words for objects or items, especially ones that you own or have with you at a particular time.things (somewhat informal) objects, clothing, or tools that you own or that are used for a particular purpose:Can I help you pack your things? This box is full of camping things.stuff (informal) used to refer to a group of objects when you do not know their names, when the names are not important, or when it is obvious what you are talking about:Where's all my stuff? Don't forget your swimming stuff.things or stuff?These words are similar and often you can use either. Use things when the items might be used individually as tools (sewing thingsgardening things). Use stuff to refer to all the equipment necessary for one particular activity or (somewhat formal) a thing or things that are owned by someone:This building is government property. Be careful not to damage other people's property.possessions things that you own, especially something that can be moved:Prisoners were allowed no personal possessions except letters and photographs.junk things that are considered useless or of little value:I've cleared out all that old junk from the attic.belongings possessions that can be moved, especially ones that you have with you at a particular time:Please make sure you have all your belongings with you when leaving the plane.goods (somewhat formal or technical) possessions that can be moved:She was found guilty of trading in stolen goods.valuables things that are worth a lot of money, especially small personal things such as jewelry or cameras:Never leave cash or other valuables lying around.Patterns personal things/stuff/property/possessions/belongings to collect/gather/pack (up) your things/stuff/possessions/belongings to search somebody's/your/the things/stuff/property/belongings to go through somebody's/your/the things/stuff/belongings
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    deliver the goods, come up with the goods (informal)
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    to do what you have promised to do or what people expect or want you to do We expected great things from the new government, but so far they have failed to deliver the goods.
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