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  1. 1(of people or behavior) kind, polite, and generous, especially to someone of a lower social position a gracious lady a gracious smile Oprah was gracious enough to accept our invitation. He has not yet learned how to be gracious in defeat.
  2. 2[usually before noun] showing the comfort and easy way of life that wealth can bring gracious living
  3. 3gracious (to somebody) (of God) showing kindness and mercy a gracious act of God
  4. 4(becoming old-fashioned) used for expressing surprise Goodness gracious! “I hope you didn't mind my calling you.” “Good gracious, no, of course not.”
adverb She graciously accepted our invitation.
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noun [uncountable] His mother was graciousness itself during our stay. The house retains its air of tranquility and graciousness.
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