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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they groom
    he / she / it grooms
    past simple groomed
    -ing form grooming
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  1. 1groom something to clean or brush an animal to groom a horse/dog/cat The horses are all well fed and groomed.
  2. 2groom something (of an animal) to clean the fur or skin of another animal or itself a female ape grooming her mate
  3. 3to prepare or train someone for an important job or position groom somebody (for/as something) Our junior employees are being groomed for more senior roles. groom somebody to do something The eldest son is being groomed to take over when his father dies.
  4. 4 groom somebody (of a person who is sexually attracted to children) to prepare a child for a meeting, especially using an Internet chat room, with the intention of performing an illegal sexual act
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