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  1. 1a written promise given by a company that something you buy will be replaced or repaired without payment if it goes wrong within a particular period synonym warranty We provide a 5-year guarantee against rust. The watch is still under guarantee. The television comes with a year's guarantee. a money-back guarantee
  2. 2a firm promise that you will do something or that something will happen synonym assurance to give a guarantee of good behavior He gave me a guarantee that it would never happen again. They are demanding certain guarantees before they sign the treaty.
  3. 3something that makes something else certain to happen guarantee (of something) Career success is no guarantee of happiness. guarantee (that…) There's no guarantee that she'll come (= she may not come).
  4. 4money or something valuable that you give or promise to a bank, for example, to make sure that you will do what you have promised We had to offer our house as a guarantee when we got the loan.
  5. 5a written promise to pay back money that someone else owes, or do something that someone else promised to do, if they cannot do it themselves A close relative, usually a parent, can provide a guarantee for the loan.
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