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  1. 1a person who shows other people the way to a place, especially someone employed to show tourists around interesting places a tour guide We hired a local guide to get us across the mountains.
  2. 2a person who advises you on how to live and behave a spiritual guide His elder sister had been his guide, counselor and friend.
  3. book/magazine
  4. 3guide (to something) a book, magazine, etc. that gives you information, help, or instructions about something a Guide to Family Health Let's take a look at the TV guide and see what's on.
  5. 4(also guidebook) guide (to something) a book that gives information about a place for travelers or tourists a guide to Italy travel guides
  6. something that helps you decide
  7. 5something that gives you enough information to be able to make a decision about something or form an opinion As a rough guide, allow half a cup of rice per person. I let my feelings be my guide.
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