Definition of hairstyle noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


the style in which someone's hair is cut or arranged
Usage noteUsage note: Clothes and Fashionclothesbe wearing a new outfit/bright colors/fur/a uniform/a costumebe (dressed) in black/red/jeans and a T-shirt/your best suit/leather/silk/rags (= very old torn clothes)be dressed for work/school/dinner/a special occasionbe dressed as a man/woman/clown/piratewear/dress in casual/designer/second-hand clotheswear jewelry/accessories/a watch/glasses/contact lenses/perfumehave a cowboy hat/red dress/blue suit onput on/take off your clothes/coat/shoes/gloves/socks/helmetchange into/get changed into a pair of jeans/your pajamasappearancechange/enhance/improve your appearancecreate/get/have/give something a new/contemporary/retro lookbrush/comb/shampoo/wash/blow-dry your hairhave/get a haircut/your hair cut/a new hairstylehave/get a piercing/your nose piercedhave/get a tattoo/a tattoo done (on your arm)/a tattoo removedhave/get a makeover/plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery/Botox™ treatmentuse/wear/apply/put on makeup/cosmeticsfashionfollow/keep up with fashion/the latest fashionsspend/waste money on designer clothesbe fashionably/stylishly/well dressedhave good/great/terrible/awful taste in clothesupdate/revamp your wardrobebe in/come into/go out of fashionbe (back/very much) in voguecreate a style/trend for somethingorganize/put on a fashion showshow/unveil a designer's spring/summer collectionsashay/strut down the catwalk/runwaybe on/do a photo/fashion shoot