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    of door/drawer/window
  1. 1the part of a door, drawer, window, etc. that you use to open it She turned the handle and opened the door.
  2. of cup/bag/tool
  3. 2the part of an object, such as a cup, a bag, or a tool that you use to hold it, or carry it the handle of a knife a broom handle The handle's broken off this jug. see also love handles
  4. -handled
  5. 3(in adjectives) having the number or type of handle mentioned a long-handled spoon
  6. Idioms
    fly off the handle (informal)
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    to suddenly become very angry He seems to fly off the handle at the slightest thing these days.
    get/have a handle on somebody/something (informal)
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    to understand or know about someone or something, especially so that you can deal with it or them later I can't get a handle on these sales figures.
    give somebody a handle (on something) (informal)
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    to give someone enough facts or knowledge for them to be able to deal with something Visiting the country should give us a better handle on understanding the problems.
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