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    In sense 4, hanged is used for the past tense and past participle.Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they hang
    he / she / it hangs
    past simple hanged
    -ing form hanging
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    attach from top
  1. 1[transitive, intransitive] to attach something, or to be attached, at the top so that the lower part is free or loose hang something + adv./prep. Hang your coat on the hook. hang something up Should I hang your coat up? hang something (out) Have you hung the laundry out? hang adv./prep. There were several expensive suits hanging in his closet.
  2. fall loosely
  3. 2[intransitive] hang adv./prep. when something hangs in a particular way, it falls in that way Her hair hung down to her waist. He had lost weight and the suit hung loosely on him.
  4. bend downward
  5. 3[intransitive, transitive] to bend or let something bend downward hang adv./prep. The dog's tongue was hanging out. Children hung (= were leaning) over the gate. A cigarette hung from her lips. hang something She hung her head in shame.
  6. kill someone
  7. 4(hanged, hanged) [transitive, intransitive] hang (somebody/yourself) to kill someone, usually as a punishment, by tying a rope around their neck and allowing them to drop; to be killed in this way He was the last man to be hanged for murder in this country. She had committed suicide by hanging herself from a beam. At that time you could hang for stealing.
  8. pictures
  9. 5[transitive, intransitive] hang (something) to attach something, especially a picture, to a hook on a wall; to be attached in this way We hung her portrait above the fireplace. Several of his paintings hang in the Guggenheim Museum.
  10. 6[transitive, usually passive] hang something with something to decorate a place by placing paintings, etc. on a wall The rooms were hung with tapestries.
  11. wallpaper
  12. 7[transitive] hang something to stick wallpaper to a wall
  13. door/gate
  14. 8[transitive] hang something to attach a door or gate to a post so that it moves freely
  15. stay in the air
  16. 9[intransitive] + adv./prep. to stay in the air Smoke hung in the air above the city.
  17. spend tiime
  18. 10[intransitive] (informal) to spend a lot of time in a particular place, not doing very much We usually hang at Sue's house.
  19. Idioms
    hang by a hair/thread
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    (of a person's life) to be in great danger
    hang/hold fire
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    to delay or be delayed in taking action The project had hung fire for several years for lack of funds.
      hang/lie heavy
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    1. 1hang/lie heavy (on/in something) (of a feeling or something in the air) to be very noticeable in a particular place in a way that is unpleasant Smoke lay heavy on the far side of the water. Despair hangs heavy in the stifling air.
    2. 2hang/lie heavy on somebody/something to cause someone or something to feel uncomfortable or anxious The crime lay heavy on her conscience.
    hang in there (informal)
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    to remain determined to succeed even when a situation is difficult
    hang a left/right
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    to take a left/right turn
    hang/stay loose (informal)
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    to remain calm; to not worry It's OK—hang loose and stay cool.
    hang on somebody's words/on somebody's every word
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    to listen with great attention to someone you admire
    hang out your (own) shingle
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    to start a business as a doctor, lawyer, or other professional
    to be determined and refuse to change your attitude or ideas
    (be/hang) in the balance
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    if the future of something or someone, or the result of something, is/hangs in the balance, it is uncertain The long-term future of the space program hangs in the balance. Tom's life hung in the balance for two weeks as he lay in a coma.
    let it all hang out (informal)
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    to express your feelings freely
    a peg to hang something on
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    something that gives you an excuse or opportunity to discuss or explain something The character provides a peg to hang the writer's political ideas on.
    Phrasal Verbshang around (…)hang around with somebodyhang backhang back (from something)hang onhang on somethinghang onto somethinghang outhang somethingouthang out with somebodyhang over somebodyhang togetherhang uphang somethinguphang up on somebodyhang with somebody
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