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  1. 1the condition of a person's body or mind Exhaust fumes are bad for your health. to be in poor/good/excellent/the best of health Smoking can seriously damage your health. mental health see also ill health synonyms at illness
  2. 2the state of being physically and mentally healthy He was nursed back to health by his wife. She was glowing with health and clearly enjoying life. As long as you have your health, nothing else matters.
  3. 3the work of providing medical services All parties are promising to increase spending on health. the Department of Health health insurance health and safety regulations (= laws that protect the health of people at work)
  4. 4how successful something is the health of your marriage/finances
  5. Idioms
    a clean bill of health
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    a report that says someone is healthy or that something is in good condition Doctors gave him a clean bill of health after a series of tests and examinations. The building was given a clean bill of health by the surveyor.
    drink to somebody's health
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    to wish someone good health as you lift your glass, and then drink from it
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