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  1. 1to a great degree; in large amounts It was raining heavily. to drink/smoke heavily. to be bleeding heavily to be heavily taxed heavily armed police (= carrying a lot of weapons) a heavily pregnant woman (= one whose baby is nearly ready to be born) They are both heavily involved in politics. He relies heavily on his parents. She has been heavily criticized in the press.
  2. 2with a lot of force or effort She fell heavily to the ground.
  3. 3heavily built (of a person) with a large, solid, and strong body
  4. 4slowly and loudly She was now breathing heavily. He was snoring heavily.
  5. 5in a slow way that sounds as though you are worried or sad He sighed heavily.
  6. 6in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious Silence hung heavily in the room. The burden of guilt weighed heavily on his mind.
  7. 7heavily loaded/laden full of or loaded with heavy things a heavily loaded van The ship was heavily laden on the return voyage.
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