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    , NAmE//ɪmˈsɛlf//
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  1. 1(the reflexive form of he) used when the man or boy who performs an action is also affected by it He introduced himself. Peter ought to be ashamed of himself.
  2. 2used to emphasize the male subject or object of a sentence The doctor said so himself. Did you see the manager himself?
  3. Idioms
    be, seem, etc. himself
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    (of a man or boy) to be in a normal state of health or happiness; not influenced by other people He didn't seem quite himself this morning. He needed space to be himself.
      (all) by himself
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    1. 1alone; without anyone else He lives all by himself.
    2. 2without help He managed to repair the car by himself.
    (all) to himself
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    for only him to have or use He has the house to himself during the week.
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