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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they huddle
    he / she / it huddles
    past simple huddled
    -ing form huddling
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  1. 1[intransitive] huddle (up/together) (+ adv./prep.) (of people or animals) to gather closely together, usually because of cold or fear We huddled together for warmth. They all huddled around the fire. People huddled up close to one another.
  2. 2[intransitive] huddle (up) (+ adv./prep.) to hold your arms and legs close to your body, usually because you are cold or frightened I huddled under a blanket on the floor.
  3. 3[intransitive] (of football players) to gather around to hear the plan for the next part of the game
    adjective People were huddled together around the fire. huddled figures in shop doorways We found him huddled on the floor.
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