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1 [transitive, intransitive] to show that something is true or exists indicate somethingRecord profits in the retail market indicate a boom in the economy.A yellowing of the skin indicates jaundice.The article claims that an increase in crime indicates a decline in moral standards. indicate (that…)Research indicates that eating habits are changing fast.Croton-on-Hudson, as the name indicates, is situated on the banks of the Hudson River. indicate how, what, etc.…Our results indicate how misleading it could be to rely on this method.


2 [transitive] to be a sign of something; to show that something is possible or likely indicate somethingA red sky at night often indicates good weather the next day. indicate that…Early results indicate that the mayor will get a second term.


3 [transitive] to mention something, especially in an indirect way indicate (to someone) (that)…In his letter, he indicated to us (that) he was willing to cooperate. indicate something (to someone)He indicated his willingness to cooperate. indicate whether, when, etc.…Has she indicated yet whether she would like to be involved?

point to

4 [transitive] to make someone notice someone or something, especially by pointing or moving your head indicate someone/something (to someone)She took out a map and indicated the quickest route to us.“What are they doing here?” he asked, indicating her bags in the hallway. indicate where, which, etc.…He indicated where the furniture was to go. indicate that…She indicated that I was to sit down.

give information

5 [transitive] indicate something to represent information without using wordsThe results are indicated in Table 2.6 [transitive] to give information in writing indicate somethingYou are allowed 2 pieces of luggage unless your ticket indicates otherwise.As indicated above, this chapter deals with the practical implications of the research. indicate which, where, etc.…Please indicate clearly which color you require.

show measurement

7 [transitive] indicate somethingindicate how much, how many, etc.… (of an instrument for measuring things) to show a particular measurementWhen the temperature gauge indicates 90°F or more, turn off the engine.

be recommended

8 [transitive, usually passive] indicate something (formal) to be necessary or recommendedA course of chemotherapy was indicated.
Usage noteUsage note: declarestate indicate announceThese words all mean to say something, usually firmly and clearly and often in public.declare (somewhat formal) to say something officially or publicly; to state something firmly and clearly: to declare war The painting was declared (to be) a forgery.state (somewhat formal) to formally write or say something, especially in a careful and clear way: He has already stated his intention to run for re-election.indicate (somewhat formal) to state something, sometimes in a way that is slightly indirect: During our meeting, he indicated his willingness to cooperate.announce to tell people officially about a decision or plans; to give information about something in a public place, especially through a loudspeaker; to say something in a loud and/or serious way: They haven't formally announced their engagement yet. Has our flight been announced yet?declare or announce?Declare is used more often for giving judgments; announce is used more often for giving facts:The painting was announced to be a forgery. They haven't formally declared their engagement yet.patternsto declare/state/indicate/announce that…to declare/state/indicate/announce your intention to do somethingto declare/state/announce something formally/publicly/officiallyto declare/state/announce something firmly/confidentlyUsage noteUsage note: indicateindicate verbdata, evidence|finding, result|study|analysis, researchThe data indicate that UVA radiation exerts harmful effects on these organisms.correlation|differenceComparison of color intensity with lead concentration indicated no correlation.presence|willingness|preference|extent|importanceField studies indicate the importance of feathers in nest linings.clearly|strongly|reliably|(not) necessarilyThese two examples clearly indicate that the potential incomes from market gardening are considerable.otherwiseUnless otherwise indicated, information presented in the article is based on interviews.indication nounclear|strong|reliable|slight|early, preliminary|outwardThere are strong indications that the situation is changing.give, offer, provide, yield|reveal, show|find|seeRed markings at the top of the gauge give an easy indication that water levels are too high.point to|suggestAll indications point to the fact that we have to address the issue as quickly as possible.indicative adjectivestrongly|(not) necessarilyHeavy snoring and periods of stopped breathing are strongly indicative of sleep apnea.indicator nouna sign that shows you what something is like or how a situation is changingaccurate, reliable|unreliable|keyBrand awareness is a key indicator of a brand's strength.economic, macroeconomic|socioeconomic|behavioral|performanceLiving standards, defined by economic indicators such as wages, increased steadily.point to, signal, suggestAccording to the report, there are currently no indicators suggesting this trend will change in the short-term.