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  1. 1[only before noun] connected with the inside of something the internal structure of a building internal doors opposite external
  2. 2[only before noun] connected with the inside of your body internal organs/injuries The medicine is not for internal use. opposite external
  3. 3[usually before noun] involving or concerning only the people who are part of a particular organization rather than people from outside it an internal investigation the internal workings of government internal divisions within the company opposite external
  4. 4[only before noun] connected with a country's own affairs rather than those that involve other countries synonym domestic internal affairs/trade/markets an internal flight (= within a country) opposite external
  5. 5coming from within a thing itself rather than from outside it a theory which lacks internal consistency (= whose parts are not in agreement with each other) Some photos contain internal evidence (= fashions, transportation, etc.) that may help to date them.
  6. 6happening or existing in your mind synonym inner internal rage
adverb internally connected rooms The new positions were only advertised internally.
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