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  1. 1a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a particular job, or for a course of study at a college, university, etc. a job interview to be called for interview interview for a job, etc. He has an interview next week for the manager's job. Topic CollocationsJobsgetting a job look for work look for/apply for/go for a job get/pick up/complete/fill out an application (form) send/e-mail your résumé/CV/application/application form/cover letter be called for/have/attend an interview offer somebody a job/work/employment/a promotion find/get/land a job employ/hire/recruit staff/workers/trainees recruit/appoint a managerdoing a job arrive at/get to/leave work/the office/the factory start/finish work/your shift do/put in/work overtime have/gain/get/lack/need experience/qualifications do/get/have/receive training learn/pick up/improve/develop (your) skills cope with/manage/share/spread/delegate the workload improve your/achieve a better work-life balance have (no) job satisfaction/job securitybuilding a career have a job/work/a career/a vocation find/follow/pursue your vocation enter/go into/join a profession choose/embark on/start/begin/pursue a career change jobs/professions/careers be/go/work freelance do/take on temp work/freelance work do/be engaged in/be involved in volunteer workleaving your job leave/quit/resign from your job give up work/your job/your career hand in your notice/resignation plan to/be due to retire in June/next year, etc. take early retirement
  2. 2a meeting (often a public one) at which a journalist asks someone questions in order to find out their opinions a television/radio/newspaper interview interview (with somebody) an interview with the new governor to give an interview (= to agree to answer questions) Yesterday,in a televised interview, the senator denied the reports. to conduct an interview (= to ask someone questions in public) The interview was published in all the papers.
  3. 3interview (with somebody) a private meeting between people when questions are asked and answered an interview with the careers adviser Interviews and questionnaires are the most important tools in market research.
  4. Thesaurusinterviewinterrogation audience consultationThese are all words for a meeting or occasion when someone is asked for information, opinions, or advice.interview a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions, for example, to see if they are suitable for a particular job or course of study, or in order to find out their opinions about something:a job interviewinterrogation the process of asking someone a lot of questions, especially in an aggressive way, in order to get information; an occasion on which this is done:He confessed after four days of interrogation.audience a formal meeting with an important person:The Pope granted her a private audience.consultation a meeting with an expert, such as a lawyer or doctor, to get advice or treatment:A 30-minute consultation will cost $50.Patterns an in-depth interview/consultation a police interview/interrogation to have/request a(n) interview/audience/consultation >with>somebody to give/grant somebody a(n) interview/audience/consultation to carry out/conduct an interview/interrogation
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