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    , NAmE//ˈɪntu//
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  1. 1For the special uses of into in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example, lay into somebody/something is in the phrasal verb section at lay. to a position in or inside something Come into the house. She dove into the water. He threw the letter into the fire. (figurative) She turned and walked off into the night.
  2. 2in the direction of something Speak clearly into the microphone. Driving into the sun, we had to shade our eyes.
  3. 3to a point at which you hit someone or something The truck crashed into a parked car.
  4. 4to a point during a period of time She worked late into the night. He didn't get married until he was well into his forties.
  5. 5used to show a change in state The fruit can be made into jam. Can you translate this passage into German? They came into power in 2008. She was sliding into depression.
  6. 6used to show the result of an action He was shocked into a confession of guilt.
  7. 7about or concerning something an inquiry into safety procedures
  8. 8used when you are dividing numbers 3 into 24 is 8.
  9. Idioms
    be into something (informal)
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    to be interested in something in an active way He's into surfing in a big way.
    be into somebody for something (informal)
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    to owe someone money or be owed money by someone By the time he'd fixed the leak, I was into him for $500. The bank was into her for $100 ,000.
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