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1 if a situation, an event, or an activity involves something, that thing is an important or necessary part or result of it synonym entail involve somethingAny investment involves an element of risk.Many of the crimes involved drugs. involve doing somethingThe test will involve answering questions about a photograph. involve someone/something doing somethingThe job involves me traveling all over the country.(formal)The job involves my traveling all over the country.2 involve someone/something if a situation, an event, or an activity involves someone or something, they take part in it or are affected by itThere was a serious incident involving a group of youths.How many vehicles were involved in the crash?3 to make someone take part in something involve someone (in something/in doing something)We want to involve as many people as possible in the celebrations. involve yourself (in something)Parents should involve themselves in their child's education.4 involve someone (in something) to say or do something to show that someone took part in something, especially a crime synonym implicateHis confession involved a number of other politicians in the scandal.PHRASAL VERB

involve someone in something

to make someone experience something, especially something unpleasantDon't involve me in your family arguments!involve in
Usage noteUsage note: involveinvolve verbactively, directly|typically, usually|necessarilyThe plots usually involve a virtuous hero who triumphs over evil.In the context of climate change, many potential risks necessarily involve intervention by the state.involved adjectiveactively, directly|deeply, heavilyNumerous researchers are actively involved in water table management research.Already heavily involved in the church, Baptist women heightened that involvement for the duration of the war.~ inThe step-by-step activities involved in the process are detailed in this article.involvement nounthe act of taking part in somethingactive, directThe matter of a national bank system drew some direct involvement from President Lincoln.~ in|~ withIn the study, two questions inquired about adolescents' involvement in competitive sports.The survey showed that producers in North Carolina had the lowest involvement with livestock.