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  1. 1[not before noun] involved (in something) taking part in something; being part of something or connected with something to be/become/get involved in politics We need to examine all the costs involved in the project first. We'll make our decision and contact the people involved. Some people tried to stop the fight but I didn't want to get involved. In this meaning, involved is often used after a noun. opposite uninvolved AWL Collocationsinvolveinvolve verbactively, directly typically, usually necessarilyThe plots usually involve a virtuous hero who triumphs over evil. In the context of climate change, many potential risks necessarily involve intervention by the state.involved adjectiveactively, directly deeply, heavilyNumerous researchers are actively involved in water table management research. Already heavily involved in the church, Baptist women heightened that involvement for the duration of the war.~ inThe step-by-step activities involved in the process are detailed in this article.involvement nounthe act of taking part in somethingactive, directThe matter of a national bank system drew some direct involvement from President Lincoln.~ in ~ withIn the study, two questions inquired about adolescents' involvement in competitive sports. The survey showed that producers in North Carolina had the lowest involvement with livestock.
  2. 2[not usually before noun] giving a lot of time or attention to someone or something involved (with something/somebody) She was deeply involved with the local hospital. involved (in something/somebody) I was so involved in my book I didn't hear you knock. He's a very involved father (= he spends a lot of time with his children). opposite uninvolved
  3. 3[not usually before noun] having a close personal relationship with someone They're not romantically involved. involved with somebody She is involved with an older man. opposite uninvolved
  4. 4complicated and difficult to understand synonym complex an involved plot
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