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  1. 1(especially in compounds) a person whose job is to take care of a building, its contents, or something valuable the keeper of geology at the museum see also storekeeper
  2. 2a person whose job is to take care of animals, especially in a zoo see also gamekeeper, zookeeper
  3. 3(informal) = goalkeeper
  4. 4(informal) something worth keeping They were deciding which drawings to get rid of and which were keepers.
  5. Idioms
    be somebody's keeper
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    to be regarded as being in charge of someone else I’m his wife, not his keeper.
    finders keepers (saying)
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    (often used by children) anyone who finds something has a right to keep it
    keeper of the flame
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    someone who feels it is their responsibility to support an idea, philosophy, etc., even if it is not popular She was the keeper of the flame for her dead husband’s vision of a utopian society.
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