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    (kinder, kindest)
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  1. 1caring about others; gentle, friendly, and generous a very kind and helpful person a kind heart/face a kind action/gesture/comment You've been very kind. kind (to somebody/something) kind to animals (figurative) The weather was very kind to us. kind (of somebody) (to do something) It was really kind of you to help me. (formal) Thank you for your kind invitation. (formal) “Please have another.” “That's very kind of you (= thank you).” We need a kinder, gentler society. It would be kinder if we didn't mention his wife. If an animal is badly injured, often the kindest thing to do is to destroy it painlessly. opposite unkind
  2. 2(formal) used to make a polite request or give an order Would you be kind enough to close the window. see also kindly, kindness
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