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  1. 1the male ruler of an independent state that has a royal family the kings and queens of England to be crowned king King George V
  2. 2king (of something) a person, an animal, or a thing that is thought to be the best or most important of a particular type the king of comedy The lion is the king of the jungle.
  3. 3used in new words formed from two or more words, with the names of animals or plants to describe a very large type of the thing mentioned a king penguin
  4. 4the most important piece used in the game of chess, that can move one square in any direction
  5. 5a playing card with the picture of a king on it
  6. Idioms
    a king's ransom (literary)
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    a very large amount of money
    the uncrowned king/queen (of something)
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    the person considered to be the best, most famous, or most successful in a particular place or area of activity
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