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(pl. knives
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  •   a sharp blade with a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon knives and forks a sharp knife a bread knife (= one for cutting bread) He had been stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife. see also jackknife, palette knife, penknife
  • Idioms
    the knives are out (for somebody)
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    the situation has become so bad that people are preparing to make one person take the blame, for example by taking away their job The knives are out for the secretary of the treasury.
    like a knife through butter (informal)
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    easily; without meeting any difficulty
    put/stick the knife in, put/stick the knife into somebody (informal)
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    to be very unfriendly to someone and try to harm them
    turn/twist the knife (in the wound)
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    to say or do something unkind deliberately; to make someone who is unhappy feel even more unhappy Marcia laughed as she twisted the knife still deeper.
    under the knife (informal)
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    having a medical operation
    synonym stab
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