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  •  to the smallest degree He always turns up just when you least expect him. She chose the least expensive of the hotels. I never hid the truth,least of all from you.
  • Idioms
    1. 1not less than It'll cost at least 500 dollars. She must be at least 40. Cut the grass at least once a week in summer. I've known her at least as long as you have.
    2. 2used to add a positive comment about a negative situation She may be slow but at least she's reliable.
    3. 3even if nothing else is true or you do nothing else You could at least listen to what he says. Well, at least they weren't bored.
    4. 4used to limit or make what you have just said less definite synonym anyway They seldom complained—officially at least. It works, at least I think it does.
    last but not least
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    used when mentioning the last person or thing of a group, in order to say that they are not less important than the others Last but not least, I'd like to thank all the catering staff.
    especially The documentary caused a lot of bad feeling, not least among the workers whose lives it described.
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