Definition of level adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary





1 having a flat surface that does not slopePitch the tent on level ground.Add a level tablespoon of flour (= enough to fill the spoon but not so much that it goes above the level of the top edge of the spoon). compare heaping


2 having the same height, position, value, etc. as somethingAre these pictures level? level with somethingThis latest raise is intended to keep salaries level with inflation.She drew level with (= came beside) the police car.


3 not showing any emotion; steady synonym evena level gaze see also levelly

do/try your level best (to do something)

to do as much as you can to try to achieve something
do your level bestdo your level best to dotry your level besttry your level best to do

a level playing field

a situation in which everyone has the same opportunities
a level playing field