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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they level
    he / she / it levels
    past simple leveled ()levelled
    -ing form leveling ()levelling
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    make flat
  1. 1[transitive] level something (off/out) to make something flat or smooth If you're laying tiles, the floor will need to be leveled first.
  2. destroy
  3. 2[transitive] level something to destroy a building or a group of trees completely by knocking it down synonym raze The blast leveled several buildings in the area.
  4. make equal
  5. 3[transitive] level something to make something equal or similar Davies leveled the score at 2 all.
  6. point
  7. 4[transitive] level something (at somebody) to point something, especially a gun, at someone I had a gun leveled at my head.
  8. Idioms
    level the playing field
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    to create a situation where everyone has the same opportunities
    Phrasal Verbslevel something against/at somebodylevel off/outlevel with somebody
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