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  1. 1a cover over a container that can be removed or opened by turning it or lifting it a trash can lid I can't get the lid off this jar.
  2. 2= eyelid
  3. Thesauruslidtop cork cap plugThese are all words for a cover for a container.lid a cover over a container that can be removed or opened by twisting or lifting it off:a jar with a tight-fitting lidtop a thing that you put over the end of something such as a pen or bottle in order to close itcork a small round object made of cork or plastic that is used for closing bottles, especially wine bottlescap (often in compounds) a top for something such as a bottle, or a protective cover for something such as the lens of a cameraplug a round piece of material that you put into a hole in order to block it; a flat round rubber or plastic thing that you put into the hole of a sink in order to stop the water from flowing out:a drain plugPatterns a tight-fitting lid/top/cap a screw top/cap a pen lid/top to put on/screw on/take off/unscrew the lid/top/cap to pull out the cork/plugIdioms
    flip your lid (informal)
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    to become very angry and lose control of what you are saying or doing She'll flip her lid when she finds out.
      keep a/the lid on something
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    1. 1to keep something secret or hidden
    2. 2to keep something under control The government is keeping the lid on inflation. He struggled to keep the lid on his anger.
    lift the lid on something, take/blow the lid off something
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    to tell people unpleasant or shocking facts about something Her article lifts the lid on child prostitution.
      put a lid on something (informal)
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    1. 1to stop a bad situation from getting worse We’ve got to put a lid on these rumors that the mayor is taking kickbacks.
    2. 2to stop someone from saying something If everyone would put a lid on their gossiping, we could get something done at this meeting.
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