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    not dead
  1. 1living; not dead live animals the number of live births (= babies born alive) We saw a real live rattlesnake!
  2. not recorded
  3. 2(of a broadcast) sent out while the event is actually happening, not recorded first and broadcast later live coverage of the World Cup
  4. 3(of a performance) given or made when people are watching, not recorded The club has live music most nights. a live recording made at Carnegie Hall the band's new live album It was the first interview I'd done in front of a live audience (= with people watching).
  5. electricity
  6. 4(of a wire or device) connected to a source of electrical power That terminal is live.
  7. bullets/matches
  8. 5still able to explode or light; ready for use live ammunition
  9. coals
  10. 6live coals are burning or are still hot and red
  11. question/subject
  12. 7of interest or importance at the present time Pollution is still very much a live issue.
  13. Internet
  14. 8(of an electronic link) functioning correctly, so that it is connected to another document or page on the Internet Here are some live links to other aviation-related web pages.
  15. in sports
  16. 9used to describe the ball at a time when play is continuing, not stopped because the ball is out of bounds opposite dead
  17. Idioms
    a live wire
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    a person who is lively and full of energy
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