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  1. 1carrying a load; full and heavy synonym laden a fully loaded truck loaded (with something) a truck loaded with supplies She came into the room carrying a loaded tray.
  2. 2loaded with something (informal) full of a particular thing, quality, or meaning desserts loaded with calories
  3. rich
  4. 3[not before noun] (informal) very rich Let her pay—she's loaded.
  5. advantage/disadvantage
  6. 4loaded in favor of somebody/something loaded against somebody/something acting either as an advantage or a disadvantage to someone or something in a way that is unfair a system that is loaded in favor of the young (= gives them an advantage)
  7. word/statement
  8. 5having more meaning than you realize at first and intended to make you think in a particular way It was a loaded question and I preferred not to comment.
  9. gun/camera
  10. 6containing bullets, film, etc. a loaded shotgun
  11. drunk
  12. 7(informal) very drunk
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