Definition of low adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



lower, lowest

not high/tall

1 not high or tall; not far above the grounda low wall/building/tablea low range of hillslow cloudsflying at low altitudeThe sun was low in the sky. antonym high

near bottom

2 at or near the bottom of somethinglower back painthe lower slopes of the mountaintemperatures in the low 60s (= no higher than 61–63°) antonym high


3 not high at the necka dress with a low neckline see also low-cut


4 also low- (often in compounds) below the usual or average amount, level, or valuelow priceslow-income familiesa low-cost airlinethe lowest temperature ever recordeda low level of unemploymentYogurt is usually very low in fat.low-fat yogurtlow-tar cigarettes antonym high5 having a reduced amount or not enough of somethingThe reservoir was low after the long drought.Our supplies are running low (= we only have a little left).They were low on fuel.


6 not high; not loudThe cello is lower than the violin.They were speaking in low voices. antonym high


7 below the usual or expected standardstudents with low grades on their examsa low standard of living antonym high


8 below other people or things in importance or statuslow forms of life (= creatures with a very simple structure)jobs with low statusTraining was given a very low priority.the lower classes of society antonym high


9 weak or depressed; with very little energy synonym downI'm feeling really low.They were in low spirits.


10 [usually before noun] not very good synonym poorShe has a very low opinion of her own abilities. antonym high

not honest

11 (of a person) not honest synonym disreputableHe mixes with some pretty low types.


12 not bright synonym dimThe lights were low and romance was in the air.

in vehicle

13 if a vehicle is in low gear, it travels at a slower speed in relation to the speed of the engine


14 (phonetics) = open

at a low ebb

in a poor state; worse than usual
Morale among teachers is at a low a low ebb

be brought low

(old-fashioned) to lose your wealth or your high position in societybe brought low

a high/low profile

the amount of attention someone or something has from the public
This issue has had a high profile in recent months.I advised her to keep a low profile for the next few days (= not to attract attention).a high profilea low profile

lay someone low

if someone is laid low by/with an injury or illness, they feel very weak and are unable to do much
lay low

the lowest of the low

people who are not respected at all because they are dishonest, immoral, or not at all important
the lowest of the low